Better Half and I explored Phipps today. I'll add a better blog entry later this week (with photographs). Tonight it is all about Schmedly the Gargoyle. He was part of the summer exhibit in 2009 and was dejectedly sitting in the foyer this afternoon. We had to take him home. (I was a good girl and did not beg for his companion, Purrkins the Wall Lizard-Cat.)

Schmedly circa July 2009

And, Schmedly circa tonight

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Annie Jeffries said...

I LOVE Schmedly. What a fabulous guardian of the porch you have found. I like the green evidence of time's passage adorning his wings and oh so poised body.

TMTW said...

I remember him from the humid Palm Room at Phipps: He was gleaming white back then and nothing had grown around him yet. It was weird seeing him with a tag on his nose and a patina of green gracing his stout body, happy toes and wings.