Carpet Chaos

There can never be enough chaos in a day, and therefore I have opted to increase my daily chaotic intake by cleaning the downstairs carpets. Really, it is nothing major to undertake. I only need to move two large pieces of furniture, leaving the chinas in place. My living room suffers for it, of course, as the items are packed just into the doorway. That room will have its revenge upon the dining room tomorrow, as I only do one area at a time.

I peeled back the rug by the register today, to show Jeff the beautiful hardwood underneath. That eager light came into his eyes, and I think he understands my nearly unfettered desire to start ripping rugs out. But that is a project for another day. Perhaps we will start with the rooms upstairs, doing one at a time, to hone our technique. Eventually, the entire house will have flooring restored back to its original state, with the exception of the kitchen, which has a nearly indestructible laminate on it already.

Not much else going on around Pembroke Cottage. The cat has had to seek a new place to nap - today is laundry day. My Mum sent me some notes she has concerning her drama lesson plans and proposals, and I have an interview at a local school on Tuesday (Social Studies teacher, but perhaps they might also allow me to begin a theatre program.) We are watching "Good Eats" on Food Network, as Alton Brown is a favorite of ours. Tomorrow is mass, and I will most likely do the 11:30 and 6:00 as Cantor.

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