Kyle Lindsey and Palaeos Bios

Rarely do I encounter a blog containing music that does not leave me frantically searching for the control to silence it. It is often brash, jolting and overly done. I am pleased to say I have finally encountered a blogger with a sense of excellent taste. The background music that you hear comes from Kyle's Palaeos Bios. Feel free to stop by his web site by clicking on the above link. He does a fantastic job. Kudos to you, Kyle!

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TMTW said...

Well, as Blogger can't seem to publish foreign letters... never mind the totally mistranslated title. Sorry about that, Kyle.

Kyle Lindsey said...

T'is not an issue. I typically use 'Palaeos Bios' if I mention in a post. I am delighted to see that you enjoyed the blog and the music. Danke.