Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH

We went over to Franciscan University today, as Mum wanted to see the campus and Dad wanted to video things. It was a perfect day to go, with a cool breeze and hardly any people around.

We drove past the various buildings, but Mum really wanted to see the areas used on some of the programs from EWTN, so I drove them to the chapel.

The chapel is nestled on one side of the campus, amidst the green trees. There is a walkway that leads up to the building, and you can also visit the Tomb of the Tomb of the Unborn Child, the Stations of the Cross (a woodland walk itself), and the Nativity. We didn't do the Stations, as my parents' legs (and mine) wouldn't make it down the steep stairs, but we paused at different places to pray (and snap photos!)

The Chapel itself is a small stone structure, with heavy wooden doors and interior beams. It has a stone floor, and just a few pews for sitting. It reminds me of an old European church, pulled from the pre-Renaissance period, and sitting within there feels like a trip back in time. One can almost conjure up the image of a portly friar greeting you at the door.

Interior of the Chapel, and the Tomb of the Unborn Child

The Nativity sits behind the chapel, and it too is built from stone.

I got a thrill today - I came home and was reading through Annie's blog, and suddenly realized that I was standing right where she was on her trip out here! Neat!

I will get around to updated things from the past few days. It's been busy around here, and we are trying to get as much family time together as possible. Things may not even be updated until this weekend.

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Annie Jeffries said...

I'm so happy to see these wonderful pictures here, Autrice. Seeing them brings back happy memories. I still can't believe that I was actually in Steubenville the middle of May and then a month later meet you on-line. No question about it; we will be returning to Steubenville one day.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the pictures. I can't wait until Friday. I went to the teen conference two years ago and I am so happy to be going back! Thanks for getting me fired up.
God bless!

TMTW said...


You're welcome. We may have some rain hit the area, so pack an umbrella just in case.


Well, I was gonna do the Stations walk this morning, and get pictures for you, but I woke up and said 'uh uh'... too sore! lol

God bless!