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Absolutely nothing of great significance happened today. I am being totally honest in that statement!

I thought I would go to the 11:30 Mass, as I had been invited to join the choir last week, but our Director was unable to attend today, thus I had butterflies in the gut for absolutely no reason! I am not complaining, as it did allow me to meet the other two ladies in the choir, but I can not help but feel just a little crestfallen that I didn't get to participate (none of us did.)

My parents called from the road - they are almost to Kansas - and will be stopping for the final night of the trip home. They are holding up beautifully, and even the dogs are behaving themselves.

Jeff and I tackled the front yard, mowing the grass and deadheading the flowers. We filled the feeder and placed fresh water in the bird bath. The usual weekend stuff - chatting with neighbors, waving at cars going past the house, and debating what we were going to have for supper.

This certainly are dull around here. Even the cat is lethargic from lack of entertainment.

I should, of course, utilize this down time to update all the things I wanted to post from last week. I should also investigate the whereabouts of the missing washcloth that went AWOL between the laundry shoot and the dryer yesterday. I certainly could get some work done online!

Yet, I am just not up to it today. I was even too lazy to bother replacing the toilet paper roll - which I left hanging, empty, this morning, as a tribute to my desire to fly out the door so as to not be late to mass. Hmm - I'm not too lazy to go snap a picture of it for you. Say "Cheese!"

Here I sit, munching on a hamburger - sans the bun, as I'm on my anti-carb kick again - and wondering if I should update
Mt. Saint Caffiena's readers or just call it a day and fall into the cool comfort of clean cotton sheets.

This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands, yet not enough ambition to actually begin a project. Besides, I hear the bed calling me.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Love the portrait of lack of inspiration that the toilet paper(less) roll conveys. Very funny. You actually miss washclothes when they disappear???? I only notice when all of a sudden I have too many. Where do these things come from any? Yesterday was World Cup finals day and it was a strange one for me. See blog in a bit. I must write about being inundated with testosterone.