Third Person Loop and Bizarre Friends

Autrice has spent the last hour or so reading Roadchick's blog. This is not necessarily a bad thing – except for the fact that Autrice begins to actually think in the third person form after a post or two. She can only shake her head and succumb to the inevitable.

It does not help that she is currently suffering from a bout of insomnia brought on by her cold and lower back. Autrice could easily kick the greyhound off her spot on the soft bed and curl up with her heating pad and some Naproxen. She mulls over this only briefly before going back to read some more of The Chick’s entries. Why bother the dog? He isn't really harming anyone.

Autrice should focus on falling asleep instead of cruising her friend’s online journals. Better Half and she are supposed to drive up to Pittsburgh to pick up two end tables she purchased earlier this week. Autrice loves Pittsburgh (and Better Half loves eating in Pittsburgh) so she usually looks forward to traveling there. However, her body has seriously thwarted her this week and she wonders if her energies wouldn’t be better spent by chewing off her lower extremities, which might in effect bring her some long-term relief (once the bite wounds were cauterized properly.)

Several blog entries and twenty email later, Autrice comes to the conclusion that her friends are Bizarre. She typically receives a smattering of lame jokes, crappy recipes, chain mail and “he said/she said” gossip. Tonight she was treated to several email pertaining to a chat room reunion (yippie) and a photograph of a man’s thigh and buttock. Autrice promptly deleted the reunion email and drooled over the photograph. Never fear, dear Readers – Autrice still thinks Better Half is damn sexy. A married girl can still appreciate a photograph, can’t she?

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Roadchick said...


Roadchick's revenge??

Tag, you're so it.

See the Roadtrip for the rules.

Anonymous said...

Sucha clever way to write a post. Hope you were able to take a nap!

TMTW said...

All credit goes to Roadchick; her third person writing is fabulous!