Nothing New To Report

It's been one heck of a weekend. I didn't get much done (alright, I didn't get anything done), with the exception of finishing our CPS classes for foster applicants. That at least, is a good thing.

For those who don't know about how hellish it can be, I welcome you to read
Dysmenorrhea, an entry concerning it that I did in June of this year.

My God, I just can't write when I feel like crap. Please forgive my horrible lack of connection, the freakish sentence structure, and the myriad of typos that I'm almost certain will exist by the time I am done with this entry!

I can say that I accomplished one fantastic, extraordinary thing today. Alright, it's hardly extraordinary, and fantastic doesn't even come close. I cleaned the bathroom. "Whoopie. Big deal," you say in a dry, monotone voice? But, it is cleaned, and sparkly, and germ free. Trust me on this - when I'm knocked on my butt by physical pain, any little accomplished task is a major celebration.

Better Half also took me out to dinner, which was very sweet of him. And, he woke up early and steam cleaned a nasty stain in the upstairs hall, and took out all the trash in the house. It's on days like this that I could just cry, because there is no way that words can express how grateful I am that he's in my life and takes care of me when I can't function.

"Ok, Autrice, it was just a stain, and just trash. Don't get all emotional over it."

Bite me.

You should expect major mood swings from me during this time of the month, by now.

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