Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and Steve Irwin

By now, the shock of hearing of Steve Irwin's death has worn off for many people. They have gone back to their daily lives, perhaps catching reruns of Croc Diaries on cable or vowing to watch the tribute on Sunday.

Part of me is thinking of a family of people, a group dedicated to their work in wildlife, in a zoo in Beerwah, Australia. The Irwin children are back home with Mum, living as spectators while the adults plan the funeral and running of the park. They are young, and perhaps only Bindi is old enough to totally grasp the concept that "Daddy isn't coming home again." Bob, the youngest child, knows that Daddy isn't there. Wes, Kelsey, Lilly and the crew do their best to keep things running, but every path they walk holds deep memories of a dear friend. And Terri, Steve's wife, does her best to comfort the kids and go about things... were I in her shoes, I would probably torn between constant tears and laughing at all the good memories shared. I'm reminded of something Steve said about his own Mum, after she had passed away. "Oh gosh! I miss you, Mum. I miss you every minute of every day, and the pain of losing you tears my heart out. But I'll stay strong; I promise you I'll stay strong - for it was you who taught me to be a "Wildlife Warrior"."

Some people live their lives hoping to make the world a better place... and in doing so, they invite us to share in their struggles and accomplishments. We will perhaps never have another "Crocodile Hunter" like Steve (or a hundred more may rise to take his place as far as conservation is concerned!), but we do have the memories of a man who dedicated his time towards being a good steward of the land and its inhabitants.

If you would like to make a donation to Conservation, a special fund had been set up in Steve's memory. You can find out more information at
Australia Zoo - Home of the Crocodile Hunter - this is the direct link. Why is this such an important thing, anyway? Why bother?

I took a brief tour of "The Good Old Days", a photographic journey of the Zoo's history that Steve set up on the web site. Many people think that conservation begins with established zoos. It does not. This journey will show you how the dreams of just a few people expanded to include the dreams of many.

Conservation does not start with zoos, but with people. Conservation starts at home, in your own backyard.

How can you better the world around you today?

Wildlife Warriors Worldwide - Home
That direct link is: http://www.wildlifewarriors.org.au/index.html

Please make sure that you have the actual link. I am saddened to report that some bloggers have set up false links in an effort to steal from well-meaning people. Make sure the website is official. When in doubt, go to the Australia Zoo website itself (http://www.australiazoo.com.au/steve.html) and visit the donation link from there.

You can also contact them to make a donation
Email: By sending an email to donations@wildlifewarriors.org
Phone: +61 7 5436 2026
Mail: Cheque made payable to Wildlife Warriors to PO Box 29, Beerwah QLD 4519
Any ANZ Bank: Donations can also be made to any ANZ Bank to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide LTD - A Tribute to Steve Irwin Account

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