Sometimes you just have to climb up to the roof, jump about, and act like a fool. I, on the other hand, am satisfied with a simple outcry of "YES!!", having just loaded the new template to this blog. If it looks the same, you need to hold down your ALT key and click on your refresh button at the same time (this is called a "hard refresh".) Be patient as it will take a few seconds to load.

The background is a photograph that I took at the Pittsburgh Zoo earlier this summer. I included it in this post, because it really is hard to see the thing with the side columns in the way - but the columns remain by popular demand. The template you see had the fundamentals generated by
Psycho's Free Template Generation program. The hardest part was transferring my old items onto the new, as part of them were written in a foreign language. It was a nightmare, but at least (I hope) everything is loaded and working.

Anyway, I worked on this while Better Half enjoyed (and is still enjoying) our new box set of The Complete Monte Python's Flying Circus on DVD. To be honest, now that the hard work is done for my online blog hobby, I might just kick back and watch it with him (i.e. give it my full attention.) If you'd like your own brain-numbing boxed set, you can pick it up on The SET; they have it listed for $99.95, but if you're savvy and have a Half Price Books/ near you, you can get it for half that amount.

So, enjoy the new Bemused Muse - I'm off to enjoy Python.

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Annie Jeffries said...

WooWoo. Love the background and the new look. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Nice work.
An improvement.

Enjoy the Monty Python.