Steve Irwin - His Legacy Will Live On

To Terri and the Kids, Wes Mannion and all those who loved him best, I offer my sincere condolences. The world has lost a boisterous champion for conservation. Steve Irwin embodied the phenomenal ability to connect with the animals he so loved, and catapulted a new way of thinking about reptiles such as crocodiles, Perentie, and bird-eating spiders. His legacy will continue through the Australia Zoo, and through those who have always stood by his side.

Steve Irwin had two sides, both captured on video. He held a reverence for the animals he worked with, but also a deeply rooted love that surpasses the typical naturalist's fascination. His enthusiasm flowed freely, and he was one of the new people on this earth who could maintain a focus on something deadly while imparting vast knowledge to viewers. On the other hand, he was stern, knowing exactly what was needed in the way of care of animals at the zoo, and he would accept nothing less than the best from the staff. That demeanor was never born of arrogance or false-pride, but arose out of a desire to push individuals to new limits which he knew they possessed inside. His family meant everything to him, and his love of Terry and the kids was always visible in his expression and in his eyes when he spoke of them. I for one, am grateful that he took the effort to bring conservation to the world through his playful antics and passion for animals. I regret that I never met him in person. All the world feels that they knew him well simply because he was the sort of person who everyone would want as a dear friend.

The full story is below, as written by Brian Cassey, AP (for discussion purposes and to memorialize this emotional occasion.) Photos courtesy of various agencies.

The Zoo's web address is:
Welcome to Australia Zoo - Home of The Crocodile Hunter

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Annie Jeffries said...

I was at Starbucks this morning with my brother when we found the story in the newspaper. My heart broke with so many others around the world as it broke for his beautiful family.

LoRi~fLoWer said...

I was so so upset when I heard about Steve's death. It really felt like it had to be a joke. It's not the same world without him in it. And his beautiful family...Bindi was such a daddy's girl. It truly breaks my heart. God Speed Steve Irwin. We'll miss you.