Template changes to come

Those were the very words that I said in February of this year, and I spent a month tinkering with HTML to accomplish what you see today. Now, I fear it has become stale (to me), and thus I think I shall be undertaking a new mission over the next week or so - providing I can find the spare time.

While my house colors (or my furniture or curtains) can stay the same for decades, I find that my amusement with my artwork or web sites runs dry shortly after I have completed my efforts on it. Perhaps I just love new challenges. Perhaps I just think the work I do for myself sucks, while the work I do for others is much better.

Perhaps I just have subconscious issues, and should go visit
Dr. Andrew and ask for his advice.

What ever my reasons are, rest assured that The Bemused Muse will be changing over the new few weeks. I want a bit more pizzazz! I want to streamline things. I need to consolidate a bit more, so it doesn't take a fortnight to load the damn thing. I'm open to suggestions, as well.

Hi ho, hi ho, off to codes I go.

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sophie said...

This template looks rather
beautiful to me.
And i love all the links on it -
as i like to meander about.


Annie Jeffries said...

I look forward to seeing your changes though I do find your format and color soothing. html always confuses me so I try to keep it simple though I wish my template was more than just the standard boiler plate. Unfortunately, if I make the smallest changed and make a mistake I play heck trying to figure out what I did. So - anyhoo - have fun