A Downtime Week

I am having another Downtime Week. This is not to say that I am psychologically down; I am physically out of commission. I am rather used to this, having put up with my body for so long.

I do lament that I am not able to do all the things that cross my mind. I am not capable of ambling down the back steps in order to check on my squashes. I have not had the strength to park myself on the front porch. I certainly would not risk driving anywhere whilst on my heavy pain medications.

What does Autrice do? Autrice enjoys looking at pictures that she has taken, of course!

Better Half and I spent a relaxing Saturday on our front porch. We have become avid bird watchers and have thoroughly enjoyed the antics of a Downy Woodpecker family. Both parents brought their fledgling to our tree and have been feeding it from one of the suet boxes. I had a bugger of a time trying to capture them with my camera!

Our dogs enjoy their Porch Time immensely. All five animals will settle onto the cushions or the cool concrete and watch the world go by. We have trained them to not wander off the porch and barking is never allowed. The birds and chipmunks sense the dogs’ impotence and scuttle about the yard, business as usual.

His Majesty, the Italian Greyhound, takes delight in appointing himself Lord of All Living Things, Duchess of the Dianthus, and Head of the Hosta. He really is a rather prissy dog.

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