"Sheeps", for Annie and Roadchick

For Annie and Roadchick:

This whimsy welcome sign was painted onto an ancient slate roof shingle taken from one of the buildings recently torn down in PA. Better Half’s wish for a sweet woodcut welcome sign (pear themed) was vetoed in favor of this “country kitsch” accessory. I am not really into that style, however (damn it all) it is “sheeps themed” and therefore must be purchased.

This hangs next to my front door. I repositioned the small sheep statue under it in a feeble attempt to group my collection (and to hide a bottle of ant killer.) Would only two items count as a “collection” in this day and age?

2 responded with...:

Annie Jeffries said...

No! The rule is three. That's what I tell my DH. Once I have three of anything, I have the start of a collection. You are on your way Au. Cute welcome sign. Thanks for the nod. Hugs, Annie

Roadchick said...

Awwww....too cute.

The best sheeps in the 'chick's small collection? A plastic sheep that poops out jelly beans and has a Santa hat on its head.

The title?

Baaaa. . . Humbug.

Naturally, it was a present from Redneck.