My Peaceful Retreat

Our front yard is a haven that I retreat to with a cup of coffee and an engrossing book.

Chipmunks scamper across the lush lawn, their cheeks filled with seed stolen from our bird feeder (Better Half greased the pole to day in order to discourage them from stealing all the seed.) They have prepared small food caches beneath the deep red mulch under our maple tree where the hosta forest and ornamental grasses provides plenty of cover their food finding forays.

Delicate Dianthus grace the walkway beds, keeping Dusty Miller and ferns company. Our old fountain (which apparently has a leak) tinkles in harmony with the wind chimes hanging from the porch; the wind is a maestro.

Clematis invades my hummingbird trellis in preparation for a bountiful midsummer blooming period. It is the first thing seen on the property as one wends their way up Pembroke. Better Half and I have devised to widen this bed as the daylilies and hosta are now too crowded together. Last year’s Easter Lilies returned.

This is my peaceful spot. I absorb the splendor of nature and my spirits rehabilitate.

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Annie Jeffries said...

I just looked here again and this time I saw the chipmunk. How cute. Have not seen one in a dog's age. Squirrels everywhere but no chipmunks in my neck of the woods.