Sheeps, Friends, Better Half, and Dead Muses

Better Half and I enjoyed a gorgeous summer afternoon today. Our first stop was our neighbor’s garage sale, where I found a hardbound copy of Kate Remembered by A. Scott Berg for a dollar. It is not nearly as satisfactory as Kate: The Woman Who Was Hepburn by William J. Mann, an author I greatly admire. Mann also wrote The Biograph Girl, yet another highly recommended read. But, I digress –

We swung by our local bank to use the ATM, and soon found ourselves on the road to the Commissary at CE Kelly. Better Half surprised me with a short stop at a local Oakdale shop (I found the sweetest welcome sign) before we headed on to purchase our groceries. It is sheep themed and I fear I am becoming overly fond of those animals. I have learned more about sheep this month than I ever wished to know (as in the fact that sheep do not have upper incisors.) Some people do like to ramble but in doing so they impart a love of animals. Hence I have begun collecting “sheeps”. The one in the photograph above is my first “sheeps” item. (Please do not bother to correct me on the proper use of the word “sheep”, dear Readers – the “s” at the end is a running joke.)

It was perfect weather today. A storm brooded on the horizon during out trip home and the skies opened up shortly after we had tucked away the last of our groceries.

“Back East Weather” is a humid brute, ever vigilant as it continues to drown you in your own sweat. It bested Better Half this round and he soon withdrew to the cool confines of the bedroom in order to find comfort with his CPAP machine. His lungs/cough have had little improvement since January but we can at least take comfort in knowing that it is not heart related.

We have plans to visit the arboretum tomorrow and I will certainly attempt to blog the visit.

It has been quite a while since I have sat down to do any serious blogging. My other writing has also suffered from neglect. I simply have not had any motivation or insight. My office currently contains the television, and it blares in the afternoon (Better Half’s food network programs, which are rather distracting. I despise Rachel Ray’s voice.) My book is on hold. My short story for TFMM is untouched beyond a basic mental outline. I wonder if my muse died?

TFMM is on a business trip to LA to meet with the editors of The Advocate, as well as to interview a very hot rugby player. I am hoping that he is enjoying the break. My news of him is coming second-hand as he is unable to find a good AOL connection.

The exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History has been pushed back to November 2007 and I am growing rather impatient!

It feels as if the entire world has gone “on hold” until the fall. I theorize that I should utilize these lazy summer months productively before that season kicks in. It is always a busy time of year, and will be more so if TFMM comes out for a visit. Fall, holidays, friends and exhibits – all of my favorite things happened in one season is pure bliss! I will remain content with my stab at blogging for now.

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Roadchick said...


Must. Have. That. Sheeps.

Redneck also calls them sheeps - probably the same inside joke y'all have. He's always on the lookout for sheeps for the 'chick since the 'chick is a knitter.

The 'chick really, really wants a sheeps for her front porch too!!!

Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Toni. Love the sheeps item. The first of many I am sure. A progenitor for a whole flock of sheeps.

Your brooding storm arrived here four days later. It passed over us and hit Yosemite. Of course today was the day DH, Quanah, and one of his groomsmen (and good friend) chose to go to Yosemite. Can you say hiking in the rain?

Quanah is here for a short visit before going up to Oregon to join his fiance and do final preps for the wedding. We leave on the 14th. Wedding's on the 16th. Vacation after that. Exciting times ahead.

I like that line about the heat and the "world on hold". Have to agree with you. Once we start reaching the triple digits, it will be sustain heat for a few weeks. Thank God we don't get the humidity.