Morning Routine

I have embarked on a new morning routine ever since moving our bistro set onto the front porch. It entails putting on a pot of coffee and finding a good book in order to greet the dawn.

The early morning ambiance was breathtaking today. Mist clung to the distant dells and hollows, creeping up the street to harbor between our planting beds. Small birds and a few grackle emerged from their slumber and fluttered down to the feeding stations. The ground emitted an earthy smell after a night of heavy rain.

I permitted myself to awake in harmony with the environment, sitting quietly as the world around me broke into life. Soft rays of sunlight dispelled the fog, the sky changing from velvety plum into a pale cerulean. The flowers uncurled tender petals to bask in sunbeams sneaking through the maple canopy. A small red fox, returning from a night on the prowl, jogged down the asphalt and disappeared into a copse of trees at the far end of the street. Small rabbits emerged before long, pausing now and again to breakfast on sweet clover growing in my lawn; the cranking of a neighbor’s garage door sent them bolting towards their secret lairs.

I remained outside until the neighbors emerged from their homes. I thought it best to not startle them with my unkempt hair and pajamas. The birds, rabbits, fox and I will meet over coffee again tomorrow.

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