Clinton Interrupted: the Steubenville Rally Scandal

There are days when I wonder why I bother to get out of bed. Today is one such day:

My cousin called because her boyfriend managed to get himself “escorted out with style” from a rally by the Secret Service…

HELLO?????? Did you pay attention? No. You didn’t. You simply MUST take this seriously! Once more now, with zeal:

My cousin called because her boyfriend managed to get himself REMOVED from a rally by the SECRET SERVICE. Never assume that my family is even remotely close to blasé.

YES, dear readers, WE KNOW THAT MAN AND HE IS TIED TO OUR FAMILY (in the second video clip, he is the one shouting and grabbing the anti-abortion sign as the Hygienically polished gents with close-cropped hair, flesh coloured earpieces and loaded weapons quickly move forward to flank D cordially before they radio their friends to come help them beat him into submission. D, do turn around and smile at the unsmiling gents, won’t you?)

I despise Clinton so of course D receives some accolades from me for his part in making the President’s face turn so many lovely shades of puce and red. Only D (name protected because the Secret Service were not amused, nor were the Democrats!) could faze Clinton that badly. My God, the president’s little head looked as if it were about to explode like a large zit. Of course, had that happened, he would have resembled his wife.

On the other hand, D’s zeal for pro-life issues is a bit extreme and his behavior (or lack of etiquette or tact) was rather embarrassing.

I give you a few YouTube clips. In the first one, towards the end, the camera zooms in on a scruffy looking fellow. No, dear Readers, this is not a reincarnation of John the Baptist fresh out of the desert and shopping for honey and locusts. This is D. I heard that he made national news. Well bully for him! (PS for local coverage, see!)

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