Happy Leap Year

A dense deposit of snow shrouds Steubenville this evening. Our temperatures fluctuate; our snow becomes rain then freezes back into snow. I can’t think of a more delightful way to spend a leap year day.

Somewhere beyond the boundary of our yard is a frozen strip of asphalt. I have contemplated searching for an old cardboard box; sliding down our street would be thrilling.

The snow is determined to remain in place. It clings to even the warm light bulb.

Indoors, my African violets are blooming. These beautiful flowers once heralded every Christmas and Easter in Colorado. I have been fretting over this plant since our move. Finally, after all this time, it has started to cycle again. I am ecstatic.

Our home is paradise for nature lovers. The trees outside the dining room treat us to spectacular displays each season. The rigid snow and frost covered branches serve as a perfect contrast to the delicate, downy flakes waltzing through the air.

Nutmeg (who seems incapable of playing without bellowing out shepherd sounds and loud barks) enjoyed chasing snowballs. Most of dogs really do take pleasure in romping in the snow.

Mattie also came out for a quick frolic. She almost died last week; the fLabrador has a new appreciation of life and has been quite cheerful during her recovery from the emergency surgery.

Even the thin-skinned fat-free (Skim Cow) greyhound Sami decided to run around for a few moments.

Leap years should be packed with fun. We don’t often have an extra day in our year. I hope that each of you spent it doing something that you love.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures. Love the snow clinging to the light bulb. Bundle up.