Lunar Eclipse

When Better Half and I were younger and bolder, we would load up the dogs into our old Jeep Grand Wagoneer and drive out to the far eastern areas of Colorado Springs (as in the boonies or open high prairie.) We’d bring our telescope and perhaps some beer and a lawn chair and we would relax under the starry sky. I recall a Perseid meteor shower spent on some unsuspecting farmer’s road. We had brought friends with us and our dogs.

I can’t recall much about that night. I remember that I was in my early twenties and that Better Half wrapped his strong arms around me to keep me warm. I remember laughter and how astonishingly bright each racing streak of light was as the earth moved through the meteor stream that night.

Better Half and I are much older now. I would dearly have loved to drive out to a remote spot to view tonight’s lunar eclipse; we are nursing a now-ancient Mattie back into good health. I can, however, appreciate that it is happening even as I write this. (I’ve also provided a link to NASA for those who would like to learn more about these beautiful events.)

The moon is now almost completely in shadow. I peer out the bedroom window and chide the dragon to give our Luna back soon.

NASA - Total Lunar Eclipse: February 20, 2008

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