An Early Spring Clean

We are experiencing the deepest (and best) snow that we’ve had all season yet I find myself irked at Nature. Why snow now? Why not at Christmas or in January. It is almost March and I simply do not approve of the timing.

I think that my mind and body are craving spring. It is not enough to change my blog around. I must now make subtle changes in the house as well. We can not afford major renovations (or even so much as a can of paint at this time) but that does not thwart me from daydreaming about color schemes and furniture placement.

The other downside of my Spring Lust is the intense drive to Spring Clean. Better Half set it off today by straightening up the living room (which had its SC last week.) Of course, we can’t straighten up without dusting. We can’t dust and not vacuum. We can’t do the living room and neglect the dining room. Both these rooms looks fabulous now.

My office was the next to receive a bit of TLC. It too had already received its SC and thus we only had to dust and vacuum. The stumbling block at this point would be the two other bedrooms and the bathroom. All are in need of their SC.

I started with the bathroom this afternoon. Life handed me lemons when we bought this house: the bathroom is ghastly. The previous owner covered the wall tile with some sort of wallboard (one would usually find in a mobile home) and the flooring is industrial vinyl tile. The bathtub is ancient and perfectly suited for a Smurf. The shower walls are some type of prefab material. The plumping is encased in a large cabinet, and that juts into the narrow space, leaving a tiny strip of air to squeeze through to get to the toilet. It is the only working bathroom in the house (I refuse to use the one in the basement; I am not fond of spiders crawling on my ass.)

The shower occupied most of today’s cleaning time. I scoured out every last bit of mildew. I have a bit more floor to wash and cabinet doors to wipe down, however everything else is ship shape. The tile wall shines, the cabinets are sorted out and organized, the sink sparkles, windows and mirror are sans any smudges, built-in shelves are dust free. I sent Better Half to Kmart to buy the cheapest clear plastic shower curtain possible (we have a more lavish outer curtain made out of a heavy tapestry print.) You might think that we have a huge bathroom – in fact, the room is smaller than most modern walk-in closets. It certainly is narrower.

There are only the two bedrooms and the kitchen remaining. I don’t foresee these taking very long. I would dearly love to paint the upstairs rooms for spring, but I just don’t see it being in our budget. I am hoping to get the Dungeon cleaned before May. Again, this is a wait and see project.

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Annie Jeffries said...

OK girl, now I'm feeling really bad about myself pathetic self. You went into all of your spring cleaning last year too. I STILL have barely raised a finger at my house all year. It's all about maintenance baby and hiding the dust bunnies.