A bit of spring, 2008

Our front yard never ceases to amaze me. This year we had new flowers pop up. These delicate wisteria-blue flowers had a gorgeous darker midrib on each floret with pale yellow anthers. I’ve never seen this particular species before but the consensus is that it’s a hyacinth. A little research produces “Sky Jacket Hyacinth”. We did not plant these and I can not tell you where they came from (there are none in the neighborhood.)

Our crocus is doing well (if we can keep the animals out of it.) The C. vernus Grand Maitre is thriving and multiplying. We had some white pop up as well (again, we have not planted any of these bulbs!) I think it might be C. biflorus Purity but I am not certain.

We placed the last of our winter seed mix into the feeder and I strung some old apples on garden twine so that Better Half could hang them from the trees. I also slipped some of the apples onto bamboo skewers for the ground dwelling creatures to enjoy.

We have some more work to do in our corner flowerbed. We are going to enlarge it to make room for the thriving hostas and daylilies. Better Half and I drove along the 7 yesterday and found some rocks scattered from a recent slide. We placed these and a few choice (tiny) slabs from one of the local rivers into the back of the Vue and started creating an edge. I will attempt to move our clematis (God, I hope I don’t kill them) and the trellis to a better location in the bed.

Tomorrow I will wash down the front porch. Were I in better health, this would take me only a short amount of time. I fully expect it to now take me two entire days. We shall see.

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Annie Jeffries said...

I'm looking through all of your recent posts and it looks like you are posting a lot more now. I should follow your example as I feel pretty much dead in the water, inspiration wise. If nothing else, I need to go to the prompting groups and DO something. Grrrrr