Goodbye to another legend: Charlton Heston

His star sits at 1628 Vine Street, a block south of Hollywood Boulevard. He is in good company, grouped with Henry Fonda, Alan Ladd, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Donna Reed, Ray Milland, Frank Sinatra, George Burns, Rita Hayworth, William Holden and Audrey Hepburn.

Few can appreciate Charlton Heston's talents. His name flickers through their mind and it conjures up an effigy of Moses grasping stone tablets. If they are savvy movie watchers, they might recollect a scruffy man snogging an ape. The news junkie can summon up a litany of Heston’s involvement with the NRA. Perhaps a handful of people know that he had been married to Lydia (Clarke) for over six decades.

What caused this charismatic Libra from Illinois to evolve into a Hollywood legend? I believe his rugged good looks played into his fame, however there was more to Heston that a chiseled jaw and having a body that was toned enough to drape with a loincloth. Heston took his work as an actor seriously. He threw himself into each project. He survived on talent and a healthy dosage of lucky circumstance.

Our aging legends are slowly dying off only to be replaced with the odiously plastic hacks of a new era. Buster Keaton never felt the need to shave his head bald in a bid to garner a touch more media attention. Katherine Hepburn did not resort to departing her limo sans panties. Ella Fitzgerald would not need to strip to her bare minimum and gyrate in a 50 Cent vid just to boost her record sales. There was a share of "outrageous" scandals that rocked the Hollywood scene of the bygone era yet the stars themselves behaved with politesse and poise. After all, these were their fans and "the fans must be respected" rather than "the star must make a spectacle of itself to maintain a fan base."

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