Ohio Spring: first yard work of 2008

I fell in love with the Ohio (or “back east”) springtime when I flew out from Colorado to attend a cousin’s wedding in 2004. Colorado lacks color and life during its drought phases; the wash of green invading my cousin’s minivan windows during our drive from the Pittsburgh Airport left my senses overloaded in a spiral of spiritual ecstasy.

That May, I awoke each morning and sniffed the air sifting through my (clandestinely opened!) guest bedroom window. My Aunt’s property slopes downward from the house, snuggling a stand of trees and a small stream at its boundary, and the verdant grass and woodsy tang were as soothing balm on a burn. My family out here remarked that the mornings were “too cold” or the air “too wet”. I found both to be agreeable.

I returned in the late spring of 2005 to hunt for a house. Again, I found myself surrounded by people who felt Pittsburgh was “too far away”, the summers “too humid, you’ll see!” I found a charming little place that fits us just fine; during the winter we appreciate our home’s old-fashioned quirks, but springtime is when we revel in our surroundings. I woke up today and sniffed the crisp early morning air dancing in from the open windows and my spirit was invigorated once more. It is humid but we adapt. Pittsburgh is not too far away. The crisp air is perfect. Wet beats Colorado dry.

Better Half mowed our lawn yesterday and I tended to the edging. Our trees are in bloom and the scent of the blossoms permeates the office and our bedroom upstairs. My clematis is coming back (although I am biting nails over one of the plants, which may not have survived the winter.) We have hung our wind chimes and placed our old fountain. Next month I shall find a few inexpensive plants for the front bed.

I leave you with a few photographs of the things that bring me healing.

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