Catching up on stuff

I would like to say that I was detained from writing due to an overly exciting week. I would also like to say I am Heir to the Throne of some very exotic country. Neither are plausible. We did explore the local area a bit more. I had meant to write about that this week, but was sidelined by the "blahs". The following are some excerpts from an email to my Mum -

"We drove up the 2 in West Virginia today. We passed the mill, and drove all the way until it ended. Nice drive... very quaint towns and all. I took a few pictures, but the one church didn't come out (need to use a program to lighten it.)


Our $30 antique cabinet. The white stuff on the back is where there was paint over the shipping label. This was up past Weirdtown towards New Cumberland. Lots of antiques in this guy's shop, and everything priced way below their worth. I could have dropped $500 and furnished the whole house (if he had more things that were my style.)

Not much else going on it Steupedville today. L called and left a message, but I have not called her back yet. At least AH called you today.

Oh, my lame perm picture. I have the sides pulled back with combs, since they look like frizzy poodle ears. Here's a picture.

Guess that's all the news to report. I'm going to shower (and deep condition the rat's nest on top of my head), then call it bedtime."

Yes, there you have it! The wonderful excitement that is the backdrop of my daily life! Are you in awe? If you are, you have less of a life than I do! HA

I've just been too under the weather to really get out and do much. I did not attend Dr. Horner's lecture at Carnegie last weekend (and am very bummed about that), nor did I manage to do much in my yards. The back yard looks positively savage (in other words, primitive savages could probably find plenty of cover in the grasses and weeds!) With the exception of the moth, I have not been able to sit on my deck or porch and enjoy the bounty of wildlife. It's just the usual muscle and joint pain - during the "bad weeks", I spend most of my time trying hard not to cry. Oh, that is a lie - I spend my crying time at night, in the dark, so I don't bother Jeff while he's sleeping. I've at least been able to read, and have discovered that Spongebob Squarepants is actually quite funny (God, help me! Help me! ROFL)

Tomorrow I will attend mass and (if I'm up to it) sing in the choir. I've asked Jeff if we could please do something fun - take a drive, or have a picnic, or maybe find a deserted back road and drag the telescope out so that we can watch the Perseid Meteor shower. That would mean a lot to me.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Me again Toni.

Is that St. Peter's in S'ville?

Nice cabinet.

Is Weirdtown Weirton?

Gee, am I full of questions. Yes, I'm awed. And yes, my life is blasted at the moment. Left work and am at home now taking a mental health day. **sigh**

TMTW said...

Hmmmmmm... I think it was Midland (north of East Liverpool). We did a lot of driving around, and I was too busy gawking at things to make a picture listing as I took them.