The links list... late, but still great!

I have not forgotten the weekly list! I've been writing addresses down since the last was published, but have just not had the heart to update my own links list or post new ones here. Shame on me!

So, please stop by and visit a few (if not ALL) of these places:

Life is a Glorious Cycle of Song ( Lori and I share the same template creator (and also a mischievous passion for tinkering with it!) I think we also might share the same sense of humor. Hmm. A long lost twin?

Good Deeds ( oh, wowzers! This is a place to recount an act by people who want to reach out to their neighbor, their community, their world, if just for a moment. This touching of the world, by just one act, can change the world. It can change those touched. Most importantly, it can change the one who touches. They are off to a promising start.

David A. Vogel - CD; CALLING US HOME II ( this isn't a blog. He is a friend of the family, and I thought it would be nice to share his music with you. David has appeared on various EWTN specials, and is a talented musician.

Bush Pilot (with English subtitles) !? - Google Video ( this is also not a blog, but it is funny! Make sure you have the volume turned up, to appreciate the sound effects!

Seven Creeks Roadside Spring Water ( I've already mentioned them once, but twice is just as nice.

Gas Prices - MSN Autos ( Want to find the cheapest gasoline near your house? Enter your zip code and let the search begin!

All-American Girl's Roadtrip ( how could I forget The 'Chick? Finally, she has been added to the links on the right. This is one blog that I really enjoy reading through... the Roadchick inspires!

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Roadchick said...

Oh wow . . . the 'chick is honored. Thanks so much for the link. And thanks so much for stopping by the Roadtrip!