Nerd Score

I was hunting through blogs (Sunday Scribblings), and came across a link for Fun Tests - Nerd Quiz. Of course, I had to play with the quiz, and by all means I did believe I would score at least a 10.

I answered honestly each and every question asked, seeking the holy grail of Nerd Testing results. Perhaps I would surpass my low expectations, and score a 12. After all, I had help with one question (the Ma stands for which element on the Periodic Table... my guess was accurate, my husband told me.) It was fairly easy to guess who the famous scientists were in the pictures, but perhaps my software and instrument preferences would lower that score by a few pegs (I was wrong... my choices are definitely nerdy.)

So, I give to you, dear friends, my Nerd Test results and score. I am embarrassed to say that only 3% have scored higher on this geek index than I, which means I am 97% more nerdy than the rest of you. Thank God, I am married. Let me slip on my birth control glasses, push aside the plate of old food, and add the HTML codes so you, too, can access this site and rate your level of Nerd. Has anyone seen my slide rule?

Consider this a TAG! Take the test, oh my fearless readers, and see where you stand. You might just find yourselves amused.

I am nerdier than 97% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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TMTW said...

FYI - the husband scored a 31% -
Not nerdy, but definitely not hip.

Annie Jeffries said...

Toni - I'm even less nerdy and less hip than your hubby. I'm a 29. I'm pathetic. **sigh**

Anonymous said...

N'tran here,
I had a 76 as my nerd score.
Hmmph...12 years in a Chem lab
and I still don't know the
entire periodic table by heart.

TMTW said...

For those wondering... "N'tran" is our resident genius (in real life!) from

The trick to getting a high score on this test (in addition to answering the questions correctly) is to also admit that you really do spend your Friday and Saturday nights calibrating your instruments, re-laminating your periodic table mouse pad, and reading your (math and science) magazines. N'tran's score tells me that he, unlike myself, actually has a life!