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It is rare that I would suggest anyone ask for advice from an online forum, be it a chat room or blog. That was before I discovered a link to To Love, Honor and Dismay ~ Andrew McAllister, Ph.D. As he states, "Relationships are fascinating, aren’t they? The way we get along with our significant other dominates our conversations with friends, enriches our lives and stresses us beyond all measure. Maybe that's why we love to hear Dr. Phil explore how relationships work. This is a forum for doing just that. You can review the stories, comment on the advice, or send in a question or story of your own. The names and email addresses of all email respondents will be kept confidential." He also posseses a keen sense of humor (it should be a requirement for anyone working in psychology!)

This gentleman is one of those rare individuals who not only possesses the skills needed to give advice, but writes in such a way as to captivate the reader (while imparting a good lesson or two on the topic.) Please stop by and lend him your support. Kudos to you, Andrew!!

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Hi Autrice,

Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate it!