Domain names, registration, and copyright

You may have noticed two changes to The Bemused Muse ("Really," you ask, "I swear you change the damn thing weekly! How much more schmutz can you pack into those side bars anyway, Autrice??!")

Ahem -

You may have noticed two changes THIS WEEK to The Bemused Muse. The first is the copyright symbol and text that has been built into my template. I had a rare situation where one of my posts was ripped (pictures, text, text format, title and link) from my blog and used as a false link to an adult entertainment web site. Sure, laugh it up, you perverts! I wasn't as offended that my stuff was ripped as I was offended that a general search engine listing would lead you to believe you that you were clicking on my link, and then would direct you to something that appeared as if I was using adult entertainment banners as advertising. No, thank you very much. I have minors who visit my site, and I do not support the adult entertainment industry (which, in my opinion, is nothing but pictures and videos of worthless ex-cheerleaders or jocks - or else geeks who never "got any" in high school - that are too stupid to actually succeed in community college, and who think their genitalia is attractive. By the way, all you aspiring porn stars, you ain't all that and a bag of chips - I've seen monkeys go at it with better acting skills - and if that is all you have to offer the world, go to Walmart and see if they are running a special on "Get A Real Life".)

Carpal Tunnel Disorder - it's not just for typists anymore!

Trust me, you do not want to see that copy of my website. It is pretty graphic, if not downright naughty.

::: You'll go blind! :::

Alright, for those who are curious, I'm providing the link. Be aware that it is adult material. This is the link for that horrible porno copy of my web site. It is virus-free. Don't say that I didn't warn you! To return to this page, HIT YOUR BACK BUTTON!

Ahem -

Another situation I discovered was that some doofus decided that my page name was really kewl, and decided to use it. Now, I am not the original Bemused Muse, and I won't be the last. But, The Bemused Muse web site on Blogger is my own. A friend had tried to locate me recently, and typed Bemused Muse into their browser, and found themselves redirected to "a poorly done page with woeful writing." ::: GASP! ::: Can such a thing be? For the love of God, at least change the template out so you don't have my links and listings! Duh. Template snatcher! (Mind, now, my template is generic and offered free through, but I've modified it.) So, I've registered myself as Whoopie.

Those two incidents got me to musing - if it can happen to me, can it happen to some of my blogger friends? The simple answer: YES. I Googled some of their article headings, and found that they had also been ripped (and notified them about it!) I also found that some of them had copycats of their sites (and notified them about it!)

So, I would like to recommend that you take pains (it really isn't that painful, you know?) to secure yourselves. The first step is to include a copyright symbol if your work is copyright. You can use alt (key) 0169 to create this font code. Or, you can use HTML code bracket c bracket. If you don't know what that means, click

The second step would be to register yourself with a domain name service. The one that I chose allows you to link things for free. Blogger, and many blogging platforms, will not allow you to remove their name from the address. So, the service I chose allows me to link to this web page if I type in I can add to get to my blog photo page. I can also have free email through them. "It's a good thing", as old Martha would grunt. The link to them is through this nifty button that I have painstakingly placed here for your enjoyment:

While I'm in the hunt-and-peck-HTML mode this week, if anyone out there would like to be added to my links listing, please leave me a comment here. All I ask in return is that you link me on your own page.

Why are links important? First, they get you exposure. You can spend all your time going to other people's blogs and typing "Nice post, now visit my blog" (the loser method), or you can add links to increase your search engine results. (Oh, and I do not post comments from people who are trying to generate interest in their sites by spamming my blog.) I am going to put in the catch-all phrase: I add links to blogs of note - which means I am selective about the content that I have on my page (see third paragraph, re: porn for losers.)

Speaking of that third paragraph - "what did she do about it?" I had fun with it. First I contacted the search engine company and threatened them with a lawsuit, which prompted them to investigate the porno site (and they promptly removed it from their engine!), and then I barked up the chain, gathering information about the domain name provider, ISP, etc. The site is no longer online, and the lawsuit is moot now. However, I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again. You don't rip my material without permission and stick it on your "boobs and butt" web site - I have nothing better to do than strive to keep my title of Ultimate Bitch Queen. (To my admirable retainer - your check is in the mail. LOL)

"Aut, how come you wail about the copyright and then post articles written by others? How cheesy is that?" It's not cheesy at all. First, I do not plagiarize the material, meaning that I do not attempt to represent myself as the author. I also site the source and (if available) the actual author of the piece, and state very clearly (sometimes twice) that the material is published here for commentary and/or discussion purposes only.

"How is that different than the porno site ripping your stuff?" Simple - the quoted material posted here remains recognizable. Clicking on my link will take you to this web site. The porno site had a hidden code in the HTML that directed you to their site. It was my exact web page, with the exception of the adult entertainment banner. For example, the article below this one has a web address of Now, if I added the letter Z after woe, it would become and that would be the "new link" to the porn site. (How original! NOT! No one ever said porn stars had much in the way of brains or creativity.)

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