This Weeks' Blog Picks!

Some more Blogs that were discovered on chance:

Joe Duran offers his views on politics and the war. He's off to an excellent start!
Direct address is

Stephen Bodio's Querencia is chock full of various info. He recently published a post concerning "camel spiders" (part of the arachnid order Solifugae, a spider relative!)
Direct address

The Working Animal Blogsite is run by Matthew Mullenix, who is a contributor to Quenrencia.

Water Dissolves Water is Shokai's contribution to Zen Buddhism. I really enjoy his POV. He has a flare for conveying his points to the reader... and his posts are always good to meditate upon.
Direct address is

When a molecular evolutionary biologist with a sense of humor and a create streak is handed a blank blog page, you discover
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted). What a fun place to discover new things, or to just examine the world in which we live.
The direct address is

Darren Naish: Tetrapod Zoology another excellent and informative blog on my favorite subject.
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The Benedict Notes is AnnieElf's newest creation, inspired by the writings of Pope Benedict XVI. Kudos to Annie!
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If you visit these places, please let them know you found their link on the Bemused Muse. Blogging is a community, and networking is what keeps us all going strong!

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Annie Jeffries said...

What an interesting collection of new blog sites and mixing my religious orientation with the scientific is right in line with Benedict and the Church. Thank you so much for including my freshman effort into the world of religious thought.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Today is the start off again, I took some time off writing for another site. ( in case ya'll are interested, it inspired me to do my own. Anyway, thank thank you thank you, for coming by and encouraging me. I feel like this is the start of a little community. when I go to Iraq I will continue to blog and tell you about what I see anf feel. Thanks for welcoming me! Sincerely, Joe