Poem, Interrupted

The view from my window,
on a crisp Autumn day
normally is lush
until leaves fade away.
But today they are dancing
the herald of things to come
and I sit pensive
Imagining each one
is a silent partner
in the grand ball
quiver and spinning...

Better Half has just thrown a damp rag on this. "It's not Autumn yet. It's Autumn on the 21st," he says.

Well, damn. So much for that.

Other than having the desire to capture a bit of beauty from my office window to share with you, I really have nothing else scheduled for the day. We were to drive up to Pittsburgh for Better Half's VA appointment today, but he woke up feeling ill, so that had to be rescheduled - and I will have to wait even longer to return the defective pizzelle iron.

Today is somewhat pain-free; that is to say, the medication is keeping things manageable. I don't feel groggy, but I am physically drained. I'd like to get out and see a movie, or stop by Seven Creeks and take some photographs of the changing seasons. I've also been meaning to get to Franciscan and take some photos of the Stations, for Annie. Ah me, so many things I could be doing, and my body is letting me down this week.

Better Half and I have been thinking of opening a local coffee shop, as there is only one in town (and it is not all that great.) We've been polling the local university students, to see what their needs are. We've already nixed the idea of a juice bar/smoothies (those are just messy to clean up all day long), and we'd like to incorporate spices, teas and coffees. Only time will tell. Business rents are cheap out here, but we'd need funds to purchase the initial items. We could certainly sell spices and teas for half of what the local places charge, and imported coffees are a good thing. We'd operate as a "Mom and Pop" for a while, because workmen's comp and other employee things would strap us financially. Although the business would not need to keep us covered for home expenses, it would need to draw in enough income to support itself entirely.

Damnit. We are out of milk. Time for Better Half to go to the store. He laments that he has only Goldfish crackers to eat - of course, we have a freezer full of meat, cupboards packed with can goods, and lots of healthy things. "Lunch meat and bread," he says as he grabs the keys.

As for me - a good book and bed. I'm starting to feel some pain.

And why, oh why, can't I get pictures upload to Blogspot? Am I the only one frustrated by this hosting forum?

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Roadchick said...

Uploading pictures to blogger definitely has some hiccups. Sometimes it's easy - sometimes, not so much.
Earlier was a "not so much" moment although it did finally work.

Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Return the *defective* pizzelle iron?

The same pizzelle you were scraping
with a dental tool?
Good Luck.

Happy Autumn.


TMTW said...

LOL N'tran... not a scratch on the iron. Thus is the beauty of working on precious artifacts without leaving a tool mark.