Sunday Scribblings #27 - Skin

Skin. That is this week's topic for Sunday Scribbles.

When I think of skin - I think of the exchangeable parts on my technology stuff. I think of cell phone skins, web skins (templates) and Media player skins.

I also think of human skins and races, and animal skins; skin cancer (
The Skin Cancer Foundation), skin diseases; dinosaur skin and feathers; scales, fur and hair; membranes.

Skins can be applied when speaking of drums and their coverings.

Aircraft have skins (and can show "skin" in the form of nose art!)

Sausages have skin.

There is skin as in "sex sells". Skin flicks.

Then there is "slip me some skin", as in sliding your hand over your friends in some cool manner.

We can skinny dip.

We can skin something - peel the rind from an apple, or in a more graphic sense we can flay the flesh from a living body. We skin chicken to get rid of excess fat before cooking (some of us do, at any rate.)

Skin can be "degloved" from fingers, toes and other body parts when those parts come in contact with mechanical devices (such as what often happens when some poor animal's tail get caught under the wheels of a car.)

You can skin up the mountain, which means to climb it awkwardly as if by scrambling.

Are your jeans skin tight?

You can skin a tree.

Skin is short from for "skinhead". In other slang, Skin and blister is East Ender for "Sister".

A skin diver is one who does SCUBA, or uses a snorkel. It is also a five pound (Sterling) note.

If you don't know what a skin flute is, I promise you it is something you hope your daughter is not learning to play in band class!

A pond can "skin over" with ice.

Skinful is just enough alcohol (plus some!) to make yourself too drunk to function.

The Skinny is not just a term for those "skin and bones" models who have to run around in the shower to get wet - it also means "the lowdown" or "the details".

Skins can be cigarette papers, but usually refers more to those used in a "joint". (Skinning up means rolling a joint.)

To be skint is to be poor.

Beauty is only skin deep.

Don't you hate it when you fall and skin your knee?

To skin someone is to fleece them, or to take advantage of them.

Some people are very thin skinned, and the slightest insult all but kills them. Others are thick skinned and hardened.

There are days that I get through things by the "skin of my teeth" - by the smallest margin of sanity! There are days that some people really get under my skin.

SOS!!! Save Our Skins!!! (It can also be read as Save Our Souls.) People have been known to lie to save their skins.

101 Dalmatians - get those puppies!

I really don't mind if you don't leave a comment about this - it's no skin off my nose!

(Yes, one tattoo in the picture is on my own skin, the other belongs to Better Half. We have several between us.)

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Anonymous said...

Love your take on the prompt. Very clever!!

Jayne said...

What a fun post! You don't think about all the different ways one word infiltrates our conversation and thoughts.

Of course, I'm also thinking of my students who are struggling to learn English--the poor dears, what a horrible trick we've played on them!

Chelle Y. said...

This was a totally different post than I read all day! Great job, and very creative!

Rose of Sharon said...

Extremely informative, fun and clever! Thank you for a great read!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how many directions you can go in with skin

Roadchick said...

ROTFLMAO - skin flute!!!

You came up with a lot more ideas than the 'chick did - great job!!!

Belle said...

Yep. Liked it!

Jerri said...

LOVE your take on the prompt. So many things I'd never thought about.

Fun to read.