Weekly Blog Pick - Discernment

A new weekly participation blog! I just love these things, so when an online friend asked me to help them sort through HTML for their idea, I eagerly lent a hand. Discernment is a Christian-based devotional blog. Like many of the co-operative blogs out there, Discernment tosses us a theme each week and asks us to write about it in our own blogs. The difference between Discernment and other Co-ops is that the group asks that bloggers actually pray or meditate before the post, allowing the Holy Spirit to move them in their writing.

Discernment is open to all denominations and faiths, and they simply ask that people accept that everyone has a different walk (i.e. be respectful of other's beliefs or line of thinking.)

Stop by and check them out! This week's subject (their first one ever) is "Prophets".


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Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Toni. I'm very much looking forward to participating.

Web Design Quote said...

Hi Toni.. Nice to read that be respectful of others beliefs or line of thinking. I think If people are thinking like this then peace come into all over the world.
Nice post and keep writing.

TMTW said...

Although the initial is the same as mine, we are not the same person. TTeresa asked me to do up a template for her blog. Sadly, her devotion forum never took root.