Evening Truffle Update

Latest news around 5:00 PM. She was alert and showed some interest in the vet tech. She was curled around a blanket and hot water bottle.

In other news, the damned leak in my office is back. We have had rain for most of the day and tiny drip paths of water are trickling around the Dread Pillar.

My coping skills are at an all-time low. The depression that has been present since last year has gnawed most bitterly at me today. I am at the point of apathy towards the leak (let the house fall in.)

We have wiped down surfaces in the house and have done several (bleached) loads of laundry. We have only to wash our bedding and the clothing we wore over the last few days (and the throw rugs in the kitchen) before calling that task "done". I will begin the carpets a little later on tonight.

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