SS #84 - Left & Right: Between Minds

My “left-brain” is too lethargic to deal with any actual work this morning and it has entrusted my “right-brain” to come up with a post for this week’s SS entry. Alas, my right-brain tends to follow all known mapping for brain hemispheres. My left-brain is perfectly content to allow my right-brain to maintain this (grossly inept) way of thinking, as it enables me to be more productive at work whilst tricking the right-brain into a false state of precocious euphoria. In other words, I think that I am being absolutely brilliant with this creative post when in fact it is rather prosaic and insipid (according to my left-brain.)

I have the bad luck of being able to utilize both brain hemispheres equally. Further, I have the misfortune of harnessing the most extreme traits of each hemisphere. That aptitude tends to generate a lot of strife in my life. There is no middle ground.

I am a very logical person. Every diminutive detail must be “exactly so” in order for me to take pleasure in my surroundings. I stipulate that all facts be proven. Words and language are the means by which I survive. I excel in mathematics and hard science (although I do struggle with dyslexia.) I revel in chaos theory. My comprehension skills and my pattern recognition propensity are exceedingly advanced. I am practical. I do not take chances – because I have already plotted out the end result of each step (again, chaos theory.) My left-brain is a cerebral snob.

Then my right-brain manages to gnaw through the straps. God help us all.

Logic is for fools and seekers, but dreamers run on caffeine and creativity. Sure, we can reason, but do we “get it”? Do we see the big picture?

I believe! I expand conscious thought and see beyond the physical to the metaphysical!

What if? Let us entertain a fantasy, born from a mere philosophical reflection - if the physical begets the metaphysical, and the natural begets the supernatural, then…

Wait, I’m wrong. The supernatural begat the natural. Isn’t that something? I feel the urge to write a poem about it now. Perhaps I will. Not now, though. Right now, I want to go to Lowe’s and pick out colour chips. I’m tired of green walls. I think I’ll choose lilac. I could get a small can. No, why waste money? I’ll get a big can. I’ll get two. I’ll have different colours in each. Yes, that’s it. Maybe I’ll do a maroon for the far wall and a yellow for the wall nearest the door? My desk would look much better if it was angled different. I’m so spatial.

Perhaps my brain functions have something to do with being transgender? One of my dearest friends insists that my right-brain is nothing more than my inner gay man struggling to “get out”. It is my creative side. It takes risks. It LIVES and embraces life fully. Who needs logic when you have common sense?

The right-brain is aware that it is wrong about a great many things. It fully understands and it is not stupid. When one bends the framework of reality, one can begin to think outside the box. The impossible becomes possible. (My right-brain is attempting to break into a show tune. Fortuitously, the left-brain has resumed control.)

Least you assume that I am bi-polar, dear Readers, allow me to reassure you: I am. However, my left-brain will proudly inform you that my IQ tested considerably high. My right-brain will snicker into its sleeve and add, “She lacks social skills! Doesn’t that prove it?” The best way that I can surmise my method of looking at the world is this:

My left-brain deciphers that as C7H8N4O2 - Theobromine

My right-brain says, “Ooooohhhhhhhhhh CHOCOLATE! YUM!!!!!!!”

Both hemispheres really do mesh together well when there is a common goal.

I am certain that everyone will post their “take” on this week’s Sunday Scribbling; I have decided to give you a few options for some constructive right/left play. I wish that I could offer you more. Unfortunately, the left-brain has picked up the cheese knife and is slowly advancing on the right-brain (which is completely unaware of impending danger due to its sudden fixation with the way dust seems to glitter in the sunbeam streaming across my office.)

Have fun, fellow Scribblers!

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13 responded with...:

ANA said...

Tests fail to see the left folds of my brain. Logically speaking, this is illogical, I do have a left brain, and it is not hibernating.

Great post though!

paisley said...

what a wild ride that was thru the recesses of the brain.... i am a simple right brainer... aka,,, read- when it's convenient... a no brainer......

sister AE said...

cool - i'm having WAY too much fun with the optical illusions.

Tumblewords: said...

ohmg, this post is a hoot! Swinging back and forth with humor and style!

gma said...

Those tests were FUN! I'm right brain dominant!

Jennifer Hicks said...

fun toys to play with! thanks!

Lesley said...

I like that last paragraph - made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

That was awesomely written. Is awesomely a word? LOL

Patois42 said...

My goodness, both sides of my brain are rather overwhelmed. Although I'm mostly stalled at chocolate! Now, off to try some of your links!

LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Left Brain Comment: That blogger can keep many ideas in the air at one time.

Right Brain Comment: COFFEE! I NEED COFFEE!

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog! I have always been so left brained, but have been developing my right brain the past 6 months. Thanks for your great post!

Anonymous said...

C7H8N4O2 ??

I only count 5 carbons and 4 hydrogens....then it has been decades since I've studied these sorts of diagrams....

and I didn't even recognize it as chocolate.

Right brained


TMTW said...

N'tran I have missed you!

It's a snapshot of Theobromine. I have a devil of a time trying to locate the picture at all.

Rest assured, it does make chocolate in the very end.