Truffle Update: grave news

Truffle Update

We brought Truffle in to Crestview at 10:30 this morning. Her vet, who we absolutely adore for his positive outlook and good humor, was shocked at her level of lethargy. As he stated in regard to her apathetic response, “this is not a puppy.” She had no energy. He asked us to leave her in order for him to run tests and take x-rays.

The Good Doctor phoned twenty minutes ago: prognosis very guarded. Truffle’s Parvovirus score lit up before the control registered. What this means is that she “tested very positive for Parvo.” I had hoped in my heart that my intuition last night was incorrect. I am emotionally devastated. Our little 2.2-pound pup has frightening mortality rate. The Good Doctor will do his best with subcutaneous fluids and some antibiotics.

I contacted the place where we procured Truffle; they are normally closed until Wednesday. Better Half had already left a message earlier, after we came home from the vet. I left a rather terse message at 1:45, explaining the test results and recommending that they contact the owners of pups that might have been sold recently to include Truffle’s littermates. I am beyond angry.

Of course, our own dogs are at risk. Our two elderly dogs do not do well with the 5-way, and so they have not been vaccinated in a few years (they are 14 years of age.) Nutmeg never, to our knowledge, had her puppy series, as she was already a “stray” rescue at six months of age. Zephry and Sammi have been vaccinated fully.

Better Half is at the store buying gallons of bleach. We will need to bleach out the couch covers and all blankets and clothing that came in contact with Truffle. I will also need to shampoo (and possibly bleach!) my rugs. I shall bleach the kitchen floor and bathroom floor. Truffle’s toys are getting a soak in bleach.

What the fuck is wrong with the breeder? Surely she vaccinated the litter prior to releasing them for sale! The bitch (meaning Truffle’s mother) should have full vaccinations and the antibodies would have been present in the milk. We were told that Truffle’s dam was AKC and shown, ergo her vaccinations would be up to date.

The place where we acquired Truffle was kept very clean, with paper changes done immediately after soiling. The two women who ran the business were knowledgeable. It is possible that exposure to the virus occurred after they had received the litter, however. Parvo is an evil bastard to fight. It can take four to ten days for symptoms to appear in an animal, but the animal can actually begin shedding the virus only four days after being infected. As Truffle was already showing symptoms on Friday (what I mistook as carsickness) it stands to reason that she picked up the Parvo either from the “pet place” or from the breeder.

Dear Readers, please say a prayer for us today. It’s Christmas, and we stand to lose companions (six if we include Truffle), two of which we have had since Better Half and I first married.

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Roadchick said...

Y'all are in my prayers. I hope you get good news.