Truffle Update

Update (combination of several calls to the vet throughout the day):

Truffle survived the night. The Good Doctor reported that she was alert this morning and placed her paws on his chest in order to lick his face. She vomited a little of her water earlier today, and had kept her lunch down (as of 5 PM.) She is still resting on a hot water bottle.

Visits are not allowed as she is in the ICU. She is receiving antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids throughout the day. Her prognosis is still guarded and her percentages are still low. My poor girl.

We have not heard back from the sellers as of yet. Better Half intends to place himself on their doorstep at 10 am tomorrow. I shall have to work hard at keeping him temper in check. His anger is not simply due to the financial damages (which increase by the hour!) but he is also upset that our hearts have gone through so much hell.

As silly as this sounds, this puppy shattered the thick mantle of depression that had been pressing me into the ground. Her intelligent eyes and her total dependency upon me for her needs drew me from my shell. When one is depressed, one simply does not wish to participate in life. I found myself daydreaming of little training sessions, of playing with toys and of grooming. I taught her to fetch on Saturday and we were working on "sit"; she was already mastering housebreaking.

Sunday was hell. Parvo can devastate a puppy. She spent most of Sunday conserving what little strength she had. I remained awake with her all of Sunday night and into Monday morning. When the Good Doctor decided to hospitalize her, I began to cry. I kissed her and handed her to him and I felt wretched for not being able to "mother" her into good health personally (or professionally, as I do not work in the field any more.) As we drove from the parking lot, I sobbed and Better Half comforted me.

We spent Monday waiting for "the dreaded phone call" telling us that she had passed away. My emotions were (and still are) at a raw state. Tuesday has been spent in status; will she live or will she die? We watch our older dogs for symptoms. I pray. I try to distract myself with the television or my Facebook account.

My parents' anniversary is today. I had scribbled a little message in the daily bible devotions book that I gave my mother last year, which tickled my Mum. Their card will arrive late as I did not mail it in time.

The rains have let up and I can go back to pretending the leak in the roof is nothing but a figment of my imagination. Truly what else can I do at this point? We haven't the money to get the cricket fixed. We shall probably have to skimp on our regular bills just to cover the veterinary costs.

Please pardon my bland writing style. Dear Readers, I can honestly admit that I really don't give a damn about expressing myself with any panache.

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