Tea and Truffles on Tuesday

Hello. My name is Truffle. I am named after the chocolate version of the highly sought-after edible species of underground ascomycetes. My registered name will be Tea and Truffles on Tuesday. I was a gift from dad.

I am seven weeks old and was chosen because of my serene temperament and clever curiosity in regard to my surroundings. I am a Pomeranian and my new mother (this crazy Autrice woman with a camera) has wanted one of those ever since a friend sent her pictures of his.

I am the mistress of cute.

What makes me so cute? Is it the fact that I bear a resemblance to a fat caterpillar when I run? Is it the tufts of fur or my markings? Yes yes, these are all powerful Cute tools, but what really tugs at the heart is my size. I make teensy Italian Greyhounds look as if they were clumsy elephants!

I am so adorable that the Big Rough Shepherd loses all of her Big Rough attitude and turns into a gentle pool of motherhood. I need only roll over and issue pouting vocalizations.

My siblings love me. They haven’t any choice. No one can resist my cuteness factor.

Here I am again!

Please, what's not to love?

I'm especially sweet when I'm asleep!

Today was my first full day with my new family. I ran in the backyard for the first time today. I also had my first ice cube (Nutmeg showed me how to play with them, and she was kind enough to crack them with her teeth so that I could enjoy a small piece.) Consequently today was also my first experience with a “brain freeze”.

Yesterday was my first bath. I was carsick on the drive home. (Thankfully, mother didn't have her camera on her. I looked horrid.)

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