Better Half’s acupuncture appointment went well yesterday. It is soporific for him while I see it as cost-effective: I saved hundreds of dollars when I canceled my monthly Vodou (“voodoo”) doll order from Annoyed Wives Emporium of Pain.

Not to worry. This isn’t a blogging spin regarding Santeria. It will not degrade to Perdita Durango and fetus eating. We support a fetus-free diet.

I wish that more hospitals and clinics would embrace the holistic benefits found in Eastern medicine. Better Half’s doctor, an MD, is skilled at what he does. Better Half feels better for weeks afterwards.

The procedure is entertaining. The needles are inserted along pathways. Each placement is intended to treat a specific symptom.

These needles have a small current running through them.
The current works like a TENS unit, stimulating the
body to produce necessary chemicals and reactions.

A small box controls the intensity of each “pulse”.
Better Half routinely has two boxes
(working legs, arms and back) as well as
small “take home” pins along points in his ear.

Does this treatment work? Yes.

I’ve provided links to medical web sites (and a general site) below. Acupuncture has helped Better Half greatly. I highly recommend it.

UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture, UPMC, Pittsburgh PA, USA

Acupuncture.Com - Gateway to Chinese Medicine, Health and Wellness

Acupuncture [NCCAM Health Information]

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture Homepage

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