Steubenville Natural Springs

These are some pictures from the natural springs around Highway 22. The first group was photographed from the highway. The second group was photographed off of John Scott. The last two are of the shallow pond at “The Manor”, the hospice/senior center where my aunt is currently residing due to terminal cancer.

I will do an Ohio Geology entry at some point. It sounds uninteresting (no large dinosaurs or volcanic explosions) but it’s actually enticing in a seriously glacial way.

For those who will ask:
Springs occur where groundwater flows from rock or soil material to the land surface. These springs seep from natural crevice openings, an example of which is below. We have these “cake slices” all around this area (they are not all man-made and are, in fact, glacially-caused in some sections.)

Late 1800's photograph

The water moving downward through permeable limestone or dolomite encounters less-permeable shale and is shunted laterally, finding openings to the land surface along the wall. Great blocks of ice can form during the winter. I find them to be rather beautiful.

I have not dared to taste the water. God knows I’d probably glow in the dark courtesy of the steel mill.

Highway 22 scenes of natural springs

Same photograph, zoomed in
Thawed and graceful next to frozen and pristine

Natural Springs on Johns Scott

More of the same

Ice and snow, then ice again. Beautiful but deadly
Better Half waits in the car while I enjoy my
ice photography activities today.
The Manor fountain at entrance

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