Happy Valentine's Day

Revised 2/19/09

OMG Autrice! How can you post that?

I saw nothing wrong with the original picture although I will concede that calling Peggy a whore simply because she had more Valentine cards than Viola was a bit crude.

It was not Viola’s fault that she, Viola, was the victim of circumstance beyond her control. The Recession had stripped her father of his dignity and job and she was forced to sell ill-gotten iPods from the back of her uncle’s 1989 Buick Regal (when she was not walking the beach and harvesting used needles to turn in to the recycling center.)

Viola could hardly be blamed for her mother’s sudden disappearance after the violent shooting of the family’s pet chimpanzee (who in fact, did draft the Bailout plan that Obama (the HUMAN) signed.) Her brother, the 13-year old father of octuplets, was far too busy playing Warcraft to bother with her needs.

And so Viola, poor lonely Viola, had no recourse but to sit on a cold bench and watch Peggy, wonderfully privileged Peggy, open up all those Valentine cards from her admirers.

Skank!” Viola thought, but she put on a brave face. Here she was, in her 1920’s best, sitting next to the most popular girl in school. What else could she do… except invite her over to spend the night?

She keeps the jar by her bedside. It reassures her at night.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Sleeping FireWolf said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

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