Saturn and My Displeasure With #1 Cochran

I love our Saturn Vue. It’s green and peppy. I miss my old Vue as well. Yes, I am a repeat customer. I do hope GM is listening.

Our Saturn dealership was housed in this very comfortable and modern building. Our salesmen housed themselves in a prairie dog cubical cluster. The part and service department sat to one side and smelled clean. There were soft chairs to rest on and a television. It was washed in vivid sunlight.

Saturn no longer occupies this building. The Cochran corp. opted to put Kia there. Kia. Shitrag cars for those who can’t afford something with substance. All GM vehicles are now tucked onto a crumbling lot further along the way. The sales room contained one shitty truck (signed by some shitty star) and an SUV of unknown name. I did not see any Saturns; I saw plenty of angry Saturn owners.

I am by no means savvy enough to run an automotive dealership. I can tell you that Saturn customers, unlike Kia customers, are repeat customers. Brand loyal. Saturn promoted itself as a company that cared (customer picnics, customer appreciation days and even dragging out the entire staff to welcome you to the Saturn family as you proudly stand next to your new vehicle in the new vehicle receiving bay.) In truth, Saturn did care about customers. They lived up to their word.

Let’s pretend I was a new Saturn “prospective” customer. I would not by a Saturn or any GM vehicle. I would look at that shitty showroom (outdated carpet, frowning people, terrible amount of dirt everywhere) and I would say, “Oh fuck #1 Cochran motors. I’m going to a different company.” I'm being brutally honest here.

They did keep one of our favorite service techs. They let our other favorite tech go. Both of these men are wonderful people and always made sure that you felt welcome the moment that you approached the counter.

Needless to say, I am pissed off.

To the Cochran Execs: It is an insult to every GM vehicle owner to have you grant prominence to a car manufacturer from Korea during a time when we need jobs in the United States. Shame on you. Shame on your General Manager.

(No offense meant to Kia owners.)

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Roadchick said...

Amen, sister, amen.

I'm incredibly loyal to a brand that I love (Chevy, in my case). And, I can be loyal to a certain location - maybe it's the "Norm" factor, where you walk in and everyone knows your name. And loves what they are doing and knows that the company values them as employees.

Why oh why do "executives" insist on making these insane decisions??? I'll never understand it.