Blog of the Day Awards for Tuesday August 29, 2006

"Blog of the Day Awards for Tuesday August 29, 2006
The Blog of the Day Award Goes to The Bemused Muse Paleobiology - now that is a really cool topic for a blog. Mix that in with personal writing and a weekly blogger choice and it certainly chases away any bit of ennui (?) you might have been feeling. Check out this post about Pluto. This site was nominated by more people that any other nominee in the history of the Blog of the Day Awards. Be sure to submit your nominations early. Thank you"

WOW! Thanks AnnieElf and to the others for voting! I had put the link up on suggestion, and didn't expect anything to come of it. You guys rock!

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Annie Jeffries said...

Awesome! You rock yourself girlfriend. I'm reading the mouse romance and as usual getting a kick out the collision between science and religion. I thought I had it all figured out and then Dear Benni started changing the course. Or so it seems. I may have to write to this at my OTHER blog.

La Fuerza Artemis said...


Today I made a little time to post; it's always amazing to see consistent bloggers.