Dad Arrives!

Dad's plane arrived on time yesterday, and we had fun trying to spot him in the heavy crowd. Pittsburgh International is a fun airport; the gates are far from the terminal, which means that passengers must ride the underground rail all the way to the terminal proper. It usually takes a while for trains (and baggage) to reach the terminal, so we visually combed through every pack of people that came down the escalators. Finally, I spotted Dad in the crowd and called to Jeff. Dad looks great! He's trim, and as always, has a wonderful smile on his face.

We drove home, but by the time we hit West Virginia, the sun had set. Dad enjoyed seeing all the green on the rolling hills (Phoenix is flat and brown.) He also enjoyed sitting on the front porch, listening to the tinkle of the fountain in the yard. Steubenville isn't a busy town, and the night was peaceful. The fireflies have finally come out!

Today is the Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church downtown. We'll probably poke around there for a while, and then drive around the area so Dad can see the sights.

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