Where have all the Fireflies gone?

Am I the only one who has noticed a sharp decrease in the Firefly (or Lightening bug) population? Whereas we would normally have evening lawns filled with these wonderful little predators, this year is seems we have a deficiency.

The environmental factors have not changed for most of the properties in the neighborhood, although I have noticed that we have not had as moist a spring as usual. We lack streetlights, and there are plenty of shady trees and grasses. We seem to have a healthy supply of grubs, snails and slugs for them to feast on. The population last year was healthy, both physically and breeding-wise, so we do know it is not a lack of larvae from the previous cycle.

Is anyone else experiencing a decline in the number of fireflies in your area? (You can reply by clicking on "comments" below the picture of the insects on the right, and then by clicking on "post a new comment" when the page comes up.)

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TMTW said...

I am happy to report that, FINALLY, we have a plethora of of these little insects in our yards!

Anonymous said...

Yes we are experiencing a severe lack of fireflies (lighting bugs). My eight year old son said let's go catch some and I said o.k., but when I looked out I could not believe I did not see one! I haden't really noticed all summer, so I'm not sure if this has been going on all summer or not. It is truly disturbing! We live outside Cleveland, Ohio. Does anyone else see this in this area, or know why this is happening?

TMTW said...

2006 has a low population, however 2007 seemed to be a better year for them. I wonder if there is any link between them and the cicadas.