Rainy Day in Ohio

Rain is a pleasing thing for many people. It quenches the parched earth, ushering in hibernating creatures in the early spring and removing the chemicals left behind on the roadways after a snowy winter.

We had steady downpours of rain throughout the day today, interrupted by brief moments of sunshine and birdsong. In this part of Ohio, no one needs to water their grass. The humidity increases when it rains, making the air as moist as a tropical forest. Mist clings to the vegetation, filling dells and saddles with a white haze. Fog is often a problem late at night, when driving on deserted roads.

We have a large tree outside our bedroom window. I will often lay on the bed and listen to the rain as it strikes the green leaves. The tree seems to come alive, its color augmented by the gray sky and light filtering through the clouds. Each drop causes the leaves to dance and sway. Rain days are my lazy days. I would rather listen to the storm than work.

And so here I am, doing a brief entry for you, so that I can return to some of the most wonderful music that nature has to offer.

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