Deep Space 12 - Online PBEM RPG

Bloggers have expressed interest in Deep Space 12, which delights me to no end!

DS12 is an online PBEM game. This is an ideal forum for the hidden Trekkie (or Trekker) in you. You will enjoy DS12 if you are a fan of any of the Star Trek TV programs, the movies, the cartoon or the comic. This is your chance to become a character and engage in adventures within the Star Trek universe.

I have found the administrators to be friendly and very creative, and the players are upbeat and have a fantastic sense of humor. Posts are done once per week or more, although there are a few players who can only post sporadically due to time constraints. The PBEM is well thought out, and the web site itself has been laid out in a very easy to use format. High praise goes towards the hard efforts of the site administrator, who provides players with a crew and ship manifest, well rounded forums on which players can post ideas and suggestions, and much more.

Visit the site at
Star Trek: Deep Space 12 and join today. Please be aware that AOL and MSN users will need to have email addresses that are compatible with the Yahoo Groups format. I would suggest that these (poor, doomed) souls investigate creating a free email account using Yahoo.

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TMTW said...

PS to this: if you have never done a PBEM, I am always availble to teach you the ropes once you sign up.

Unknown said...

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