The Yard in Spring

These are a few snapshots from early May. We have finally completed the work in our front yard. I will add a picture of how it looks currently once I have had the opportunity to take the picture.

It was a lot of hard effort. To begin with, we had to tear out a dead juniper bush, which left a gaping hole. This was camouflaged by a small fountain which greets visitors close to the front door.
We had to replant the existing flowerbed along the front porch, and a clematis was added to the mailbox post. We also created a flower bed to surround the tree, and added mulch to both beds. Jeff has been putting nutrients on just about everything.

Last weekend saw the end of planting, with the addition of some petunias to the bed by the walkway.

June 1st begins the maintenance phase, with a weekly lawn moving and daily dead-heading of flowers.

We have never lived in a home where planting was easy. The addition of neighbors driving by to compliment us on the appearance is a new and wonderful feeling of House Pride.

The house itself is quite old, and it is one of the first five homes built in this area. Homes were added to the neighborhood in the 1960's and 1970's, but our home as stood the test of time for over 80 years. We love our Pembroke Cottage!

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