Just a Monday

Dad came with us early this morning while I worked. He got to poke around and see what I do; it's a very part time job, and I put off work last Friday so I needed to get things done today. Never put off to tomorrow what you could do today, as the saying goes.

Jeff and Dad have spent the day puttering around the house. I came home and promptly went to bed. Dad really enjoys sitting on the front porch. He's been getting up early to observe the birds and chipmunks at play, and he enjoys seeing all the green. We have a lovely rain this morning (more storms should hit us this week) and he was able to see our morning fog.

Well, it's a very short entry for today. Today was a rough day. I'm feeling under the weather, and will probably head to bed in a few. I napped until 4 PM, and I'm still feeling tired. I know my body is needing some rest!

I'll even treat you to a rare sight - a photograph of myself. Jeff took it, and I have titled it "Killroy". No makeup, and bed head.

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