Italian Food and Guests!

Jeff and I started our day driving up from Steubenville to purchase food for all the out of town guests we would be hosting. We wanted to find the best produce and meats, and that meant traveling to markets (and, of course, the Commissary for sundries.)

The Commissary in Facility 51 (also known as the Charles E. Kelly Support Facility) is a very pleasant place! The employees are courteous, and the Facility staff itself is informative and helpful. We were able to save a lot of money shopping there, and I also had time to stop in at DEERS and get issued a new ID card. We picked up some prime cuts of beef at a very decent price, and I bought all the fixings for my home made marinara sauce (it sits simmering on the stove as I write this!) We also stopped at Federico's foods, our local Italian market, for lunch meats and cheeses, as well as our favorite sweet Italian sausages.

Jeff's Dad is due Friday night, and I will probably be offline for the next 7 days. My parents will arrive two days after Dad Doug leaves, which means another 10 days that I will be away. I'm sure no one will notice... I don't seem to have many visitors to this blog, but my email will surely suffer!

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