Happy Father's Day!!!!!

We had a wonderful Father's Day today. Admittedly, we didn't do much, which is a very nice way to spend a lazy summer Sunday.

Dad helped me weed the backyard flowerbeds while Jeff retreated into the air conditioned house; he is still worn out from yesterday, and we both have sunburns on our necks and noses. Later in the day, Jeff bar-b-qued a London broil (tenderized with rub and some of my marinara sauce), and we made twice-baked potatoes, and broccoli and onions. We presented Dad with a Steeler's Terrible Towel (if you don't know what that is, I don't think I should ever be able to properly explain it!) Later, Dad and I sat on the front porch and enjoyed conversation. It was a beautiful day.

I thought I'd take a moment to share my views on two wonderful fathers.

Jeff's Dad, Doug, is a delightful man - a true Southern Gentleman. He speaks softly, and can capture your attention in witty ways as he recalls things he has done in life. He was Air Force, and now works for the State of Arizona. Between those two jobs, he has done just about everything. He is a hard worker, and never hesitated to do what needed to be done to make ends meet. He has known ups, and he has known downs, and all the while, he has kept his head and done his best to get through everything life throws at him. He is always very polite, and will open doors for women. His smile lights up a room. He is a little shorter than Jeff, but they both have beautiful white hair (Jeff just keeps his close cropped so no one notices that he is balding while his father still has a full head of hair!) He loves to nap during football and baseball games, gets up at 2:30 am (before the hot Arizona heat sets in), and loves to read science fiction. There is no one I would rather have as my Father-in-Law.

My Dad, George, is a quiet man. This is the first Father's Dad we have celebrated without my Dad (he and my Mum are back in Colorado still.) It was difficult, as I miss him greatly. My Dad is a man of few words, preferring to listen. He, too, loves science fiction, but my Dad is not a sports fan. I don't even know if he could tell you what each state's major football team is (and I don't think he really cares.) His father, George (sr.), was a boxer (pro, at one time) and drove around on a motorcycle. My father was a gymnastic hobbyist (before the knees went) and drives around in a silver Mercury Sable! My Dad likes to tinker with gadgets, and rebuilds his computer on a somewhat quarterly basis. He loves Theatre (often serving as Technical Director during family operated productions), and is one hell of a fine public speaker (as long as he has his notes in front of him.) He doesn't smile fully often, because he thinks his teeth are terrible (but when he does smile, it lights up a room, too!) I am a Daddy's-Little-Girl, and an only child, so of course my Daddy is my super hero and teacher all rolled into one. I inherited my Dad's sarcastic sense of humor. I can still remember all the fun things we used to do with each other, like play "three little pigs" every day when he came home from work... he was the big bad wolf, and I would always stifle my giggles and hide in my closet when I heard him come down the hall ("I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow this door down!") I was a stupid little pig... I always hid in the same spot in the closet. My Dad cries during the scene where Bambi's mother dies. My Dad also cried at my wedding (which, of course, caused me to cry, which... of course, meant that I had racoon eyes from all the running mascara!) There is no one I'd rather have as my Father.

Jeff, not having any children, isn't a Dad - unless you count the dogs and cat. They didn't give him a card this year. The Cat forgot to pick one up.

Anyway -

Dad George and Dad Doug... Happy Father's Day to you both!
We love you!!!

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